Fender Guitar Cables

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About Fender Guitar Cables

Fender guitar cables are an extremely popular choice with guitarguitar customers. These high quality, reasonably priced cables are available in standard black or in 'Custom Shop' braided black and tweed.

Fender offer cables in all the usual lengths in addition to a range of patch cables for patching together your pedalboard. Every UK guitarguitar store keeps a broad selection of Fender cables in stock at all times. These are a great addition to every guitar purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Guitar Cables

Fender cables are available in 3.5m and 5m lengths as well as 6 inch patch leads.
Fender cables come in black PVC, Black tweed braid and Blonde tweed braid.
They are indeed, so you can enjoy the benefits of the low noise and hiss that shielded cables provide.