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About Fender Eric Clapton

The Fender Eric Clapton signature Stratocaster has been in constant production since 1988. Slowhand's signature Strat is immensely popular, partially due to its heavily modified electronics that increase the guitar's versatility exponentially. The Clapton Strat has noiseless single coil pickups and a special mid boost circuit that make these pickups sound very close to a humbucker. It also has an onboard EQ boost/cut switch called a TBX, and so a very colourful palette of sounds is available from this one instrument.

Both fans and non-fans of Eric Clapton agree that this exceptional Stratocaster can cover a huge amount of sonic ground. It is available as an American Artist Series guitar and as both a Team Built and Master Built Custom Shop model. We keep a selection of all types in various finishes at every one of our UK based showrooms. You can experience one for yourself in-store or buy directly from our site.

Our Fender Eric Clapton guitars come included with a guitar case.


Why Should I Choose a Fender Eric Clapton Guitar?

  • The official Eric Claptop signature guitar
  • Unique tone sculpting options
  • Noiseless singlecoil pickups

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Eric Clapton

Question: Which finishes is the Eric Clapton Signature available in?
Fender's Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster is available in the following finishes: Black, Olympic White, Torino Red and Pewter. The Custom Shop Eric Clapton model has further finish options including Midnight Blue, 2 Tone Sunburst and Aged White Blonde.
Question: What type of neck profile does the Clapton Strat have?
Eric's Signature Strat has a 'Soft V' profile. This neck carve feels slightly unusual for the first minute or two of playing before you realise that your hand has never felt more comfortable!
Question: Does the Midboost circuit require a battery? If so, where is it located?
The Midboost circuit is active, meaning it does require a 9v PP3 battery to power it. You'll find it nestled under the backplate and next to the tremolo springs.
Question: What is the situation with the tremolo system on this guitar?
The tremolo on the Fender Eric Clapton signature Strat is a normal Fender vintage tremolo. It is fully functional but, since Eric is not a fan of the whammy bar, he requested it be blocked with a piece of wood. The wood is placed next to the tremolo block in the underside of the guitar. It stops the tremolo from moving, just as Clapton prefers. If you want your Clapton Strat to have an operational tremolo, simply remove the block!