Fender Semi Acoustic Guitars

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About Fender Semi Acoustic Guitars

Fender semi acoustic guitars have appeared frequently over the years. The Thinline Telecaster is easily the most popular and iconic. It is a tasteful variation on the classic Tele design with a semi hollow body and a singe f-hole. The most recognisable standalone model (not a variation on an existing guitar) is perhaps the f-holed Starcaster, made popular by The Killers. The other notable Fender semi acoustic is the Coronado, a fully hollow guitar favoured by indie-rockers such as the Dandy Warhols.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Semi Acoustic Guitars

Question: Do Fender make a semi acoustic Stratocaster?
Yes they do! Tone connoisseur Eric Johnson has a signature Thinline Strat which merges his favourite Strat details with a semi hollow body and a single f-hole.
Question: What is a Wide Range humbucker?
Fender's Wide Range humbucker was designed by Seth Lover (inventor of the PAF pickup) to give Fender a signature humbucker that retained similar tonal properties to Fender's single coil pickups. Fender Wide Range pickups have more bite and clarity than typical humbuckers but have more warmth and fatness than typical single coils. These are understandably popular! You can find these in certain 70s style Teles like the 72 Custom, 72 Deluxe and the 72 Thinline.
Question: How does a Thinline Telecaster's tone differ from a regular Tele?
Thinline Telecasters are generally slightly softer sounding with a slight 'scoop' to the sound, in contrast to the bright, attacking sound that the Telecaster is famous for. Lots of Thinline Teles have humbuckers too, further changing the sound to a warmer, more open tone.