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About Fender Gig Bags

Fender Gig Bags are an industry favourite for gigging players. Tough, well padded and stylish, you'll be more than happy to travel to your next gig or rehearsal with your prized guitar nestled in one of these!

The recent F range of bags (FE for electric guitars, FB for bass guitar bags and so on) are particularly popular and feature some great details such as rubber tire treads on the bottom of the bag for extra durability when the bag is sitting upright. The top of the range FE1225 has protective neck rests among its great extra features.

Fender gig bags are available for electrics, acoustics and basses and are available at each of our UK guitarguitar stores as well as online.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Gig Bag?

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Gig Bags

Question: What types of instruments do Fender make gig bags for?
Fender make gig bags for electric guitars, acoustic guitars and basses under the FE, FA and FB ranges respectively. These are available at four price points with an increase in padding and features at the higher end of the range.
Question: Can I use a Fender gig bag for non Fender guitars?
Yes you can, just check the dimensions of both guitar and bag before you buy! Fender gig bags are excellent and worth using no matter what brand your guitar is.