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About Legator Guitars

Legator guitars started in 2012 in California, USA. Since then the company has been consistently offering access to many modern design features that were often boutique or limited in accessibility, or finishes. Headless guitars and multi-scale guitars are a main-stay in the Legator guitars lineup alongside more traditional but still thoroughly modern designs.

Today Legator guitars continue to offer many options for the modern guitarist with affordable options through their Performance series which still gives access to great design features such as multi-scale guitars. For those looking for more the Legator guitars X Series and OD series offer a feature packed experience for the modern guitarist with details such as multi-laminate necks, stainless steel frets, and Fishman Fluence pickups.

Why Should I Choose a Legator Guitar?

  • Designed for high energy styles
  • Many accessible multi-scale designs
  • Vibrant finishes

Frequently Asked Questions about Legator Guitars

Question: Are Legator guitars any good?
Yes Legator offers a quality entry to many modern design features such as multi-scale and headless designs.
Question: Where are Legator guitars made?
The Legator X Series and OD Series are both made in Korea. The Performance Series is made in China.
Question: Who makes Legator guitars?
Legator is an American guitar company based in California, the guitars are built in Korea and China.