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About Fishman Fluence

Fishman Fluence Pickups are a stunning step forward in pickup design. For 40 years, Fishman has innovated acoustic guitar pickups, preamps, and amplification. Now they have taken all their years of experience and applied them to electric pickups and, lo, the Fluence is born.

Fishman Fluence Pickups are multivoiced pickups. Traditional pickups use a row of magnets wrapped with multiple coils of wire. Instead, Fishman use a completely different, proprietary design. This enables them to create multiple pickup voicings in the same pickup! This can either be hardwired or, as is popular, wired to allow you to switch between the voices. The ability to jump between active and passive sounds at the flick of a switch opens up a whole world of tonal possibilities!

The days of noisy pickups that hum and have inductance issues are over. Fishman Fluence pickups provide a clean, silent, and uncorrupted tone. This is particularly important for metal players who use a lot of gain. Even the smallest amount of background noise can be amplified tenfold through a distortion pedal.

Fishman also make a Lithium battery pack that can be installed into your guitar. This means you can charge your Fluence pickups from a mini-USB rather than chew through 9v batteries!

Why Choose Fishman Fluence Pickups?

  • Multivoiced pickups
  • Completely silent
  • Lithium battery pack available

Frequently Asked Questions about Fishman Fluence

Question: Which guitars come with fishman fluence pickups?
It is increasingly common to see Fishman Fluence pickups on new guitars. Strandberg, Ibanez, ESP/LTD, Charvel and Schecter all have several models boasting Fishman Fluence pickups.
Question: Are fishman fluence active or passive?
Fishman Fluence pickups are active but many of their voices are passive sounding. They cover a huge range of different styles so, even if you have been a passive pickup purist until now, don’t write the Fishman Fluence off!
Question: Do Fishman Fluence pickups need batteries?
Yes, Fishman Fluence pickups require power. This can be from a standard 9v battery but they also make a Lithium battery pack that can be installed in your guitar without any modifications. Specific battery packs for Strats and Les Pauls are available as well as a general one. You can then charge the pickups using a mini-USB. Lithium batteries last much longer than traditional batteries.
Question: Are fishman fluence pickups good for metal?
Yes! Fishman Fluence Pickups are ideal for metal. They have several models to suit heavy styles, the most popular being the Fluence Modern Humbucker available in both Alnico and brutally aggressive Ceramic configurations. They have signature pickup sets from numerous shredders including Tosin Abasi, Keith Merrow, Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God’s Will Adler.