Yamaha Workstations

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Yamaha Workstations

Workstation Keyboards are the ultimate swiss army knives of the keyboard world and Yamaha Workstations are no exception. Yamaha guarantee you the best sound quality ever on a digital workstation in models such as the Yamaha Genos.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Workstations

Question: Is the Genos an arranger or workstation keyboard?
It's essentially both, the Genos is packed full of arrangement styles for instant accompaniment, but is also capable of creating complex productions thanks to the multitrack recording and 16 track sequencer features.
Question: What is Direct Access?
Direct Access is a shortcut feature which allows you to quickly assign and alter specific functions. For example, if you want to change what a fader is controlling, simply push the 'Direct Access' button and move the fader you wish to change, a menu will pop up on the screen where you will be able to select what the specified fader is going to control.