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Yamaha Workstations

Workstation Keyboards are the ultimate swiss army knives of the keyboard world and the Yamaha Genos takes this concept to another planet. Leading on from the flagship Tyros 5, the Genos features state of the art AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) technology to accurately simulate the characteristics of musical instruments, packaged with 1,710 instrument sounds, 550 backing patterns, 216 arpeggios and a huge amount of other features, Yamaha guarantee you the best sound quality ever on a digital workstation.

In addition to AEM technology, the Genos also features the Revo drum engine, which can be used to not only create realistic sounding drums, but also to achieve the feel of a real drummer. The Genos is also packed full of effects which use the same VCM technology as their professional level mixing consoles and also features vocal harmony effects and a vocoder.

On top of stellar sounds and feel, the Genos is gifted by its amazing workflow, with a touch screen, assignable buttons and the Direct Access feature, there are many options to speed up the process of creating and performing music, all of which make the Genos an essential performance tool for serious producers and musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Workstations

It's essentially both, the Genos is packed full of arrangement styles for instant accompaniment, but is also capable of creating complex productions thanks to the multitrack recording and 16 track sequencer features.
Direct Access is a shortcut feature which allows you to quickly assign and alter specific functions. For example, if you want to change what a fader is controlling, simply push the 'Direct Access' button and move the fader you wish to change, a menu will pop up on the screen where you will be able to select what the specified fader is going to control.