Yamaha Workstations

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Yamaha Workstations

Yamaha workstations are wonderfully versatile. Building on decades of pioneering technology, they simultaneously look to the past and the future. Adopting the best elements of their groundbreaking FM, wavetable and sampling synthesis and packaging it with processing power unseen before on any previous Yamaha keyboards, their latest generation of workstations are hard to beat.
Whether it's for use on stage or in the studio, your Yamaha workstation will take everything you throw at it. With powerful tone sculpting and modulation, as well as multitrack sequencing and effects, you will be able to perform and compose music with an incredible professional result.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Workstation?

  • Huge sound library
  • Powerful multitrack sequencing
  • Load in your own audio samples to create instruments

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Workstations

Question: Which Yamaha workstations can I load audio samples into?
The Montage, MODX and Genos series all allow you to load in your own samples.
Question: How many keys do Yamaha workstations have?
Yamaha workstations are available in 61, 76 and 88 key models.
Question: Can I connect a Yamaha workstation to my computer?
Yes, you can connect your Yamaha workstation to your computer via USB for use with your favourite DAW.