Roland Workstations

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About Roland Workstations

Roland workstations offer maximum power in any setting. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, they are packed full of features that will exceed your needs.
Roland workstations offer thousands of sounds and rhythms, as well as sampling technology. You will always find the type of sound you need. With in-depth editing and tone sculpting, it's easy to create unique tones that can't be found anywhere else.
See your musical ideas become fully orchestrated compositions thanks to your Roland workstation's powerful sequencing capabilities. It's easy to orchestrate multi-track layers of sound and bring in effects for a professional finish.
Whatever your needs are, you will be more than satisfied with a Roland workstation.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Workstation?

  • Professional sounds
  • Audio sampling
  • Multitrack sequencing

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Workstations

Question: Which Roland workstation is best for professional musicians?
The flagship Roland Fantom-8 features everything a touring professional could need, including 88 weighted keys, audio sampling and over 3000 sounds.
Question: Can I connect a Roland workstation to my computer?
Yes, Roland workstations can be connected to your computer via USB and used as a MIDI controller and audio interface.
Question: How many keys do Roland workstations have?
Roland workstations are available in 61, 76 and 88 key models.