Dunlop Volume Pedals

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About Dunlop Volume Pedals

Dunlop Volume Pedals allow you to execute incredibly smooth volume swells with your foot. The ability to control your effect pedal volume swells with your feet leaves your hands free to play guitar normally, it's a relatively simple process that's very effective and a key part of many songs. Dunlop pedals in the DVP range also feature a expression pedal out and a convenient tuner output, making your Dunlop volume pedal a versatile hub of your pedalboard. With adjustable rocker tension, versatile effect pedal parameters and a solidly built and ready to go construction, a Dunlop volume pedal is ready to be an essential part of your rig.

Why Should I Choose a Dunlop Volume Pedal?

  • Versatile
  • Solidly built
  • Different models available to suit your needs

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Volume Pedals

Question: Are Dunlop volume pedals any good?
Yes, they are solidly build, versatile and the industry standard volume pedal.
Question: Where are Dunlop volume pedals made?
Jim Dunlop pedals are made in California, USA.
Question: Are Dunlop volume pedals expression?
Models in the DVP range can also be used as expression pedals.
Question: Which guitarists use a Dunlop volume pedal?
Some notable Dunlop volume pedal users include The Edge, Misha Mansoor, Cory Wong and Pat Smear.
Question: How do you tighten the Dunlop volume pedal?
There is a resistance screw under the heel end of the rocker, please see your pedals instruction manual for more information.