Morley 20/20 Volume Plus

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Morley 20/20 Volume Plus


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Manufacturer's ID: MTMV2

What we say:

At A Glance:

Introducing the Morley 20/20 Volume Plus, an incredible standalone volume pedal from the audio gurus at Morley. With it's Smooth Audio Taper, you can produce those violin-like swells with not only greater efficiency, but with an incredible level of control. The foot pedal feels comfortable and ergonomic and with the ability to set a minimum volume for your Rhythm and Lead, it can add a whole new dimension to your playing.

Features We Love:

Construction and Design

The Morley 20/20 is a pedal that's designed for ergonomics and comfort, not only that but with a cold-rolled steel housing and Optical Circuitry designed to never wear down, this pedal is practically bomb-proof.

Smooth Audio Taper

The Smooth Audio Taper feature makes your swells so much slicker and more effective. It's a small, but welcome feature that really helps those notes glide.

Minimum Volume Control

Being able to set a minimum volume for your Rhythm and Lead adds extra layers to your playing, but not only that placing the Morley 20/20 Volume Plus in front of a Distortion or Fuzz pedal allows you to use it as a variable control for that pedal too.



  • Ergonomic Design and Robust Build
  • Smooth Audio Taper and Minimum Volume
  • Glow in the Dark Rubber and Toe End Logo, impossible to miss!


  • Optical Circuitry that will never wear down.
  • Smooth Audio Taper ideal for violin type swells.
  • Switchable Minimum Volume Control with LED indication
  • 6.85″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Powered by one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter. Compatible with most 9V adapters.
  • Silent switching, no “pops” or bleed when activated.
  • Glow in the Dark Treadle Rubber and Toe-End Logo.
  • Cold-rolled steel housing
  • One-year warranty. Lifetime Warranty available with registration.