Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

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About the Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

The Taylor Big Baby is made in the same bolt-on neck style as the Baby Taylor but increased to almost full size. The Taylor Big Baby is a very good choice for any players looking for quality tone on a budget. Made with a solid Sitka Spruce top and a layered Sapele body, this 15/16ths-sized Big Baby has a charming and full voice.

This sits between the Baby and the GS Mini in Taylor's range of travel-friendly guitars. A good quality gig bag is supplied too for portability and value.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

Question: Where is the Taylor Big Baby made?
The Big Baby Taylor is constructed in Taylor's Tecate, Mexico factory.
Question: What is the difference between a Baby Taylor and a Big Baby Taylor?
The Big Baby Taylor is constructed in exactly the same way as the Baby with the bolted on neck but is very close to full size. The scale length is full size at 25 1/2" whilst the body measures 19 1/2" (495mm).
Question: Why does the Taylor Big Baby have a bolted on neck?
The Big Baby Taylor has bolts through the fingerboard to attach the neck to the body. This is to make it easier, quicker and thus more cost-effective for Taylor to produce such guitars. This allows these models to remain extremely affordable and still retain the integrity of a well connected neck.