Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

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About the Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

The Taylor Big Baby is an excellent alternative to larger and more traditional dreadnought acoustics. It has a slightly smaller scale, 15/16th of a full size acoustic guitar model. More portable yet not lacking in sound quality or projection, it is well suited to performing and recording across many styles of music. Our Taylor Big Baby guitars come included with a gig bag.

Featuring layered wood back and sides, it keeps the cost down while still being a robust instrument. The Big Baby is a good choice for those who want to experience the sound and feel of a Taylor guitar in a more compact size.

Popular Taylor Big Baby guitar wood options include solid sitka spruce tops with layered walnut back and sides. The solid sitka spruce top provides a rich acoustic tone which all acoustic players will appreciate.

Why Should I Choose a Taylor Big Baby Guitar?

  • More portable than a typical dreadnought model
  • Produces a large and rich tone
  • A good entry point into Taylor guitars
  • Great guitar option for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Big Baby (BBT)

Question: Where is the Taylor Big Baby made?
The Big Baby Taylor is constructed in Taylor's Tecate, Mexico factory.
Question: What is the difference between a Baby Taylor and a Big Baby Taylor?
The Big Baby Taylor is constructed in exactly the same way as the Baby with the bolted on neck but is very close to full size. The scale length is full size at 25 1/2" whilst the body measures 19 1/2" (495mm).
Question: Why does the Taylor Big Baby have a bolted on neck?
The Big Baby Taylor has bolts through the fingerboard to attach the neck to the body. This is to make it easier, quicker and thus more cost-effective for Taylor to produce such guitars. This allows these models to remain extremely affordable and still retain the integrity of a well connected neck.
Question: What size is a Big Baby Taylor guitar?
A Big Baby Taylor guitar is 15/16th the size of a dreadnought. It is the biggest of the Taylor small body guitars and has a body length of 19 1/2", body width of 15 1/10" and a body depth of 4".
Question: When was Taylor Big Baby released?
Taylor Big Baby guitars were first released in 2000, building on the success of Taylor guitars previously released Baby models.