Taylor 500 Series

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About Taylor 500 Series

In the Taylor 500 Series, mahogany back and sides are combined with either Lutz spruce, mahogany or cedar. The Taylor 500 Series is the warmest Taylor range, ideal for players who love the playability of Taylor guitars but not the bright sound. Grand concert models in the Taylor 500 Series such as the 512ce or 522ce are extremely popular among fingerpickers. Most of our Taylor 500 Series guitars come included with a guitar hard case.


Why Should I Choose Taylor 500 Series?

  • All solid wood construction
  • Made in USA
  • V-Class bracing
  • Tropical mahogany back and sides

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor 500 Series

Question: Is the Taylor 500 Series worth it?
Yes if you're after a warm sounding guitar with premium quality the 500 series is totally worth it thanks to its mahogany centred design.
Question: Where are Taylor 500 guitars made?
Taylor 500 guitars are made in the El Cajon Taylor factory in California.
Question: Are Taylor 500 guitars any good?
Yes, with Taylor USA quality, V-class bracing, high quality electronics, and a great selection of tonewoods the 500 series is an excellent choice.
Question: Who uses a Taylor 500 guitar?
Jason Mraz, and John Petrucci are among some players who use a 500 Taylor, but these guitars are great for any player after a warm tone in a premium guitar.