Taylor Koa Guitars

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About the Taylor Koa

Taylor Koa guitars are an exclusive range of instruments that utilise Koa. Koa is a stunningly distinctive looking tonewood that can be found only on one place on Earth: the Hawaiian Islands. Along with its beautiful visuals, Koa has a crisp and direct sound. This makes it perfect for acoustic guitar building. Taylor harness all of this in their exquisite Koa Series. This range includes the K24ce which has a Koa top, back and sides.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Koa Guitars

Question: What is so special about Koa?
Koa is special for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is rare and appears hardly anywhere on the planet. In fact, the only place you can actually find Koa growing is in the Hawaiian Islands. Secondly, Koa has fantastic sonic qualities: it is relatively similar to Mahogany mixed with a little bit of Rosewood. That means you can expect a strong, direct sound with a good level of brightness and an emphasis on the midrange. Lastly, Koa is spectacular to look at. Its wide and expressive graining often results in very distinctive and beautiful pieces of wood.