Taylor Limited Edition Guitars

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About Taylor Limited Edition Guitars

Taylor Limited Edition Guitars allow guitarists to get something incredibly special. Taylor are well-known for crafting high-quality guitars and their Limited Edition models take this one step further by often including special wood selections and other exceptional features. These can be chosen to enhance the tone, add some extra visual luxury or a combination of both!

They are often available across many of their most popular models and ranges such as the GS Mini, the 400 Series and the 800 Series. As they are made in limited numbers, Taylor Limited Edition Guitars don't last long and make a great choice for collectors, Taylor enthusiasts and anyone looking for something a little different. Whether you play in a band or are a solo finger-style performer, there will likely be a gorgeous Taylor Limited Edition Guitar to meet your needs.


Why Should I Choose a Taylor Limited Edition Guitar?

  • Only available for a short time
  • They contain features not usually found in the regular models
  • Excellent for collectors or those looking to stand out from the crowd

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Limited Edition Guitars

Question: What does Ltd mean in Taylor Guitars?
Ltd is an abbreviation of the word Limited and means that the guitar has been made in limited numbers and benefits from some special features. These could be the woods used or visual elements.
Question: Are Taylor Limited Edition guitars any good?
Absolutely! Not only do they have the incredible quality Taylor is known for but they also have enhanced specifications not usually seen on the regular production models.