Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitars

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About Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitars are unparalleled in terms of playability and comfort. The 12 string acoustic guitars of yore were often cumbersome and difficult to play, Taylor’s new range is anything but.

Taylor’s head luthier, the renowned Andy Powers, has recently created a new 12 string acoustic design that makes the instrument much more playable. The 12-fret Grand Concert model is a comfortable size with a sweet, delicate tone; a far cry from the dreadnought and jumbo 12 strings that we are used to. This body size coupled with Taylor’s famous necks makes these guitars a joy, allowing precise and accurate playing.

Taylor 12 string acoustic guitars are available in several of their ranges, depending on the tonewoods you’d prefer. Taylor’s famously bright, lively tone works beautifully with the 12-string, creating a lush, shimmery sound. To exaggerate the brightness, the 652ce with their solid maple back and sides will be best. Or if you’d prefer to tone it down and have a warmer 12-string tone, the all-mahogany 562ce would be perfect.

What Makes Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitars Different?

  • Exceptionally easy to play
  • Variety of body sizes including parlour
  • Affordable models as well as premium editions
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor 12 String Acoustic Guitars

    Question: Where are Taylor 12 string guitars made?
    Taylor Guitars have two factories: one in the US and one in Mexico. The 100 Series and 200 series are made in Mexico whereas the 300 Series and up are made in America. Taylor make 12 strings throughout these ranges in both factories.
    Question: What strings do Taylor 12 string guitars come with?
    Taylor 12 string guitars come with Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12-String Light (.10-.47).