Yamaha THR

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About Yamaha THR Amps

The Yamaha THR amplifiers are a series of practice amps that use modelling technology to produce excellent sounds. The THR offers a convenient solution to home practice and can also be used for recording via the USB connection. They have effects already included and use Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology for outstanding tube amp sounds.

The Yamaha THR range includes amps with Bluetooth and some designed for use with acoustic guitars. These low watt amps use Extended Stereo Technology for a large sound that defies their size and have amp models to suit every style of music.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha THR Amp?

  • Excellent selection of amp tones
  • Compact and portable size
  • Features built-in effects which can be edited in the THR Editor

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha THR

Question: Can you use pedals with Yamaha THR?
Yes, you can use pedals with the Yamaha THR but it does already benefit from an excellent selection of built-in effects.
Question: Is the Yamaha THR any good?
Yes, the Yamaha THR is a very good practice amp due to its many player-friendly features.
Question: Are the Yamaha THR amps only for electric guitars?
No: the THR5A has been designed specifically for electro acoustic guitars!
Question: What amps do Yamaha THR emulate?
The Yamaha THR uses amp simulations to emulate Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi and Modern style amps.
Question: What does Yamaha THR stand for?
Yamaha THR stands for "Third Amp" as it is designed to be an excellent practice amp.