Yamaha THR

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About Yamaha THR Amps

Yamaha THR amplifiers are small, convenient 'lunchbox'-style guitar amps. They offer world-class modelling tone and a host of practical features. The THR range has multiple channels to select your tones from and then a host of digital FX to pepper your sound. USB functionality allows you to use your THR to record directly to your computer using the amps' sounds.

These extremely useful and great sounding amps are available at every UK guitarguitar location. Give them a try in-store or simply browse the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha THR

Question: Is it easy to record with the Yamaha THR amps?
It certainly is! There are actually a few ways you can do this: you can hook it up to your computer via USB cable, you can use the AUX out or Headphone out, or in the old fashioned way by mixing it up!
Question: Does the amp's name refer to its wattage?
Indeed, the THR10 is 10 watts (2x5w actually since it is a stereo amp) and the THR5 is 5w, again 2x2.5w.
Question: Are the Yamaha THR amps only for electric guitars?
No: the THR5A has been designed specifically for electro acoustic guitars!
Question: I like really heavy, 'metal' style distortions: is there a Yamaha THR amp for me?
There is: Yamaha have made the THR10X especially for guitarists of a heavier sonic persuasion.