Ordo Tuners

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About Ordo Tuners

Ordo Tuners are designed to help make your life easier. With an easy to read display and high accuracy of +/-1 cent precision, these are excellent value for money. They are easy to fit in a gig bag or even your pocket, giving you an accurate clip on tuner available whenever you need it. You can use an Ordo tuner with a guitar, bass, violin and ukulele. Easy to see on stage and very dependable, you can rely on Ordo to get you in tune for your performance.

Why Should I Choose an Ordo Tuner?

  • Quick and accurate tuning
  • Compact and convenient
  • Easy to read

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordo Tuners

Question: Are Ordo tuners any good?
Yes, Ordo tuners offer very accurate tuning. They are also incredibly easy to use and are easy to see even when in dark lighting.
Question: Are Ordo tuners high quality?
Yes, Ordo tuners have a +/-1 cent precision and are made to last through tour after tour.