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About Korg Tuners

Korg tuners are some of the most popular in the world. Korg make a range of tuners including pedals, portable box devices and clip-on headstock tuners. Some of these are standalone devices whilst other incorporate metronomes. They are all digital.

Many professional guitarists rely on Korg tuners when touring and recording.

At guitarguitar, we are a major authorised Korg dealer. We keep a selection of their tuners in stock throughout our stores. They are also available to browse online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Tuners

Question: When talking about tuners, what does 'chromatic' mean?
This refers to how the tuner operates. A chromatic tuner is able to identify all of the notes in the chromatic scale (in other words, every note in Western music) and name the pitch your plucked string is closest to. Some tuners can only identify the standard six notes (EADGBE) of the guitar, meaning that you cannot use the tuner for downtuning or using altered open tunings and so on. A chromatic tuner will recognise and work with all of these pitches, making it an essential choice for those looking to retune and experiment with their guitar tunings.
Question: What is the best-selling Korg tuner?
Korg's Pitchblack Mini is our best selling Korg tuner. It is a mains powered pedal board tuner.