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About Squier Affinity

The Squier Affinity Series is the brand's value range. It sits between the beginner's Bullet Series and the higher range Standard, Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe lines. Players of all styles and descriptions have devoted endless hours of playing time to their Squier Affinity guitar or bass.

Within the Squier range you'll find authentically styled Stratocasters, Telecasters, Precision Basses, Jazz basses and more. Affinity Jazzmasters and Bronco basses have also been added. This popular line of guitars puts real Fender style and vibe into the hands of every guitarist.

We are one of the UK's largest authorised Squier dealers. We have the best selection of Squier Affinity models available in every one of our stores. Come in and feast your eyes and ears on our selection or browse the full collection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Affinity

Squier Affinity instruments are great choices for beginners. But there is no reason to assume that they are for beginners only. They are affordable and reliable. Looking for a cost effective back-up instrument? Or maybe you want a guitar to keep in a different tuning? Check out the Squier Affinity series.
The Squier Affinity range contains the Jazzmaster HH, the Mini Strat, the Jazz Bass, the Jazz Bass V (5 string), the Bronco Bass and the Precision Bass PJ. These are all available in their own range of finishes.
The Squier Affinity Strat is available in two models. The first is the Affinity Stratocaster which has three single coil pickups. The second is the Affinity HSS Strat which has the bridge single coil pickup substituted out for a humbucker. The Affinity Strat is available in 7 finishes including Competition Orange and Surf Green. The Affinity HSS Strat is available in 4 finishes including Race Green and Slick Silver.
Squier Affinity series guitars are made in China.