Squier Mustang

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About Squier Mustang

The Squier Mustang is the first choice for short scale electric guitars. Suitable for beginners while favoured by gigging guitarists, the Squier Mustang is a lightweight, easy to play, cool guitar with grunge vibes.

The Squier Bullet Mustang is an extremely cost effective way to get your hands on this famed design. You can even choose from a selection of beautiful finishes! Whether you are starting out on your journey to being a guitarist or are already far down the path and desire a guitar that's a little different to what you normally play, the Squier Mustang will meet your needs with character and attitude.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Mustang

Question: What kind of guitarists play Mustang guitars?
The Mustang has been played famous names including Kurt Cobain and Adrian Belew (Frank Zappa, King Crimson). Other bands that use Mustangs include Blur, the Talking Heads and My Bloody Valentine.
Question: What finishes is the Vintage Modified Mustang available in?
The Squier Vintage Modified Mustang is available in three brilliant, retro-correct finishes: Vintage White, Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red.
Question: What different Squier Mustang models are there?
Squier offer two different Mustang models. The first is a Vintage Modified Mustang which is very close in design, hardware & finish to vintage sixties Mustang models. The second is a Bullet Mustang which is less retro-specific with its humbucking pickups and more modern colours but is extremely affordable and just as effective in a different way.
Question: What is 'scale length' and what is the scale length of the Bullet Mustang?
Scale length is a measurement from the nut to the 12th fret of a guitar, since this point accounts for an entire octave of music i.e. a full scale. Larger scale lengths mean the frets are further apart and the neck is therefore longer. Shorter scale lengths mean the necks are shorter and the frets are closer together. Shorter scale guitars are generally thought of as being easier to play, certainly for beginners. The scale length of the Squier Bullet Mustang is 24". This makes it an inch and a half shorter then Squier's standard 25.5" scale length and so it is far easier to play notes and chords on.