Squier Paranormal

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About Squier Paranormal

Bring a bit of panache to your playing with the supercool Squier Paranormal range! These unorthodox guitars are not for traditionalists. Instead, they are perfect for bold, original players.

Introduced in 2020, the Paranormal range is an opportunity for Squier to experiment with quirky takes on classic Fender designs. The results are extremely cool! Bright colours, unusual pickup configurations and modern twists on old designs. It’s like a pick n mix of classic Fender parts.

Jazzmaster pickups on a Thinline Telecaster? Telecaster pickups on a Jazzmaster? Strat trem and Jaguar controls on a Mustang? 54 Precision Bass remodelled as a Jazz Bass? They’ve turned fantasy into reality and, rather than being a hot mess, all this mismatching actually makes sense. All the guitars in the Squier Paranormal range are stylish and cool.

What Makes Squier Paranormal Guitars Different?

  • Quirky styles
  • Perfect for bold players
  • Pick N Mix of classic Fender designs
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Paranormal

    Question: What’s the difference between Squier Paranormal and Squier Classic Vibe?
    In terms of build quality, there’s no difference between Squier Paranormal and Squier Classic Vibe guitars. Classic Vibe guitars are faithful reproductions of iconic Fender guitars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. In the Paranormal Series, Squier play fast and loose with this history, instead creating Frankenstein models which are original and fun.
    Question: Are Squier Paranormal guitars good for beginners?
    These are unusual guitars and most beginners tend to stick to the classics. Having said that, Squier Paranormal would make excellent guitars for beginners. They are affordable, extremely comfortable and - most importantly - fun!