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About Squier Jazzmaster

The Squier Jazzmaster range is an incredibly popular part of Squier's catalogue of electric guitars. The Jazzmaster was once thought of as a fairly niche guitar. Now, it is available in every major Squier category.

You'll find them in the Contemporary, Vintage Modified, Deuxe and Affinity series'. There is also a very successful signature model for Dinosaur Jr's J Mascis.

Some of these Jazzmasters are very true to historic models. The Squier Vintage modified is a good example of this. Others, such as the Contemporary model, are very different, with sleek finishes and active humbucking pickups.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Jazzmaster

Question: Are Jazzmaster guitars only for playing Jazz on?
Actually, hardly any Jazzmaster owners use them to play jazz! Jazz players often prefer large, hollow body guitars for their jazzy playing needs. The Jazzmaster name is historical but somewhat misleading. The rich, twangy sound of the Jazzmaster has always been more popular with Rock, Indie, Alternative and Grunge players.
Question: What kind of pickups are in the Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH?
The pickups found in the Squier Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH are a set of new SQR humbuckers. These are active, like EMGs, and require extra power from a 9v battery. There is a battery compartment in the back of the guitar for easy access to replace batteries. The SQR pickups will give the player a very hot sound. These pickups have ceramic magnets and they are known for high output tones that are perfect for hard rock and metal. Remember to pull out your guitar cable when not using your guitar. Failing to do so will switch on the active electronics and drain your battery!
Question: Does the Squier Jazzmaster have the Rhythm/Lead circuitry of classic Jazzmaster guitars?
Yes, some models do. Check out the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster for the most vintage-correct model. It has the correct circuitry and wiring with the controls in all of the proper places. The Deluxe Jazzmaster is similar in this respect. Other Jazzmasters, like the Contemporary Jazzmaster HH, have simplified controls. These feature only one circuit since they have a different purpose.
Question: What are the differences between the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster and the J Mascis Jazzmaster?
The Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster has several special features and upgrades on the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster. Firstly, the pickguard is gold anodized aluminium instead of plastic. Secondly, the bridge is an improved Adjusto-Matic model. Third, pickups have been specially selected by J Mascis himself to fulfill his sonic requirements. Lastly, the finish is Vintage White, a colour selected by J Mascis which is unavailable on any other Squier Jazzmaster.
Question: Which Squier Jazzmaster should I go for if I want a classic Jazzmaster sound?
Squier Jazzmasters are available in a wide variety of configurations these days. For a classic Jazzmaster experience with Rhythm/Lead circuitry, single coil pickups and tremolo, we'd recommend either the Vintage Modified Jazzmaster or the J Mascis signature Jazzmaster. Both of these offer a classic, vintage-style experience and both are fantastic guitars!