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About Gator Gig Bags

Gator gig bags and cases are fantastic for instruments of all types. Gator make bags not only for guitars and basses, but also for keyboards and drums.

We keep a range of Gator bags and other products of theirs in stock. Browse online or visit us in-store to check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gator Gig Bags

Question: What type of guitars is the Gator Extreme bag for?
The Gator Extreme bag is the perfect choice for any larger, non-standard guitar shapes. We're talking pointy, shreddy, Metal types of guitars such as Jackson RR's, BC Rich Warlocks, Dean Razorbacks, Gibson Explorers & V's, Ibanez Xiphos models...all of the 'shape' guitars will require a bag like the Gator Extreme.