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Ordo Gig Bags

Ordo Gig Bags have been designed to protect your instrument at a very reasonable price point. Gig bags are a must-have for any musician who needs to get to band practice or a live performance but wants to keep their instrument in top condition. There are options available to fit a range of acoustic guitar sizes as well as electric guitar and folk instruments such as banjo, mandolin and ukulele. Ordo gig bags are made from high-quality materials with the Premium and Deluxe options being especially good choices. Most choices also have convenient storage sections for accessories such as cables, tuners and strings.

Why Should I Choose an Ordo Gig Bag?

  • Excellent value for money
  • Great levels of protection for your instrument
  • A classic look with plenty of extra pocket space

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordo Gig Bags

Question: What ranges are Ordo gig bags available in?
Standard, Premium and Deluxe options are included in the Ordo range. These are all great options suited to a range of needs and budgets.
Question: Are Ordo gig bags water resistant?
Ordo Deluxe gig bags are made from high grade water-repellent nylon, giving great protection from the elements when you are out and about with your instrument.