Ibanez Gig Bags

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About Ibanez Gig Bags

Ibanez Gig Bags are a top choice to keep your precious instrument protected. Their range includes a number of smartly designed gig bags which offer up good quality and great value. Models such as the Powerpad have a handsome design and four roomy pockets plus a padded bottom to protect your electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar from unwanted bumps and bashes. Whether you are heading to a local band practice, open mic night or out on a worldwide tour, Ibanez Gig Bags provide solutions to the protection your guitar needs without sacrificing on looks.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez Gig Bag?

  • Comfortable and offering plenty of protection
  • Gig bag options available for electric and acoustic
  • They come in a range of stylish colours and designs

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Gig Bags

Question: Are Ibanez gig bags any good?
They certainly are! Ibanez gig bags have been designed to provide excellent protection for your instrument while also looking very stylish.
Question: Do Ibanez gig bags fit all guitars?
Ibanez have gig bag options available for electric and acoustic guitars but it is always best to check the interior dimensions to make sure it is suitable for your guitar.
Question: Who uses an Ibanez gig bag?
Many professional guitarists and hobbyists use Ibanez gig bags to keep their guitar protected either when on the move or for safe storage.