Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits

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About Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits

Yamaha Electric Drums offer a realistic playing experience in a comfortable and compact playing package. Yamaha have been manufacturing drums since the late 60s and all those years of experience are packed into each Yamaha electronic drum set, making them ideal for use at home, in the studio and on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits

Question: Do I need a kick pedal with my Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit?
The entry level DTX430K and DTX450K kits conveniently include a kick pedal, while the professional level DTX522 and DTX542 omit the pedal as most experienced drummers will already own a kick pedal which will be compatible with the kit.
Question: Do I need anything else with an electric kit?
You will definitely need some drumsticks and you will need either a set of headphones or a speaker to monitor the kit.
Question: How loud are electronic kits?
Electronic drums are significantly quieter than acoustic kits, making them perfect for practising in drums at home, be it a house or a flat, practising your drums will no longer disturb your neighbours.