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About Yamaha Pacifica

The Yamaha Pacifica has been, for the past two decades, one of the most popular beginners electric guitars ever. The Pacifica Series itself is wide ranging and has several high end models. However, it is the entry level 112V and 112J models that have cemented the Pacifica in the hearts and minds of thousands of guitarists.

Yamaha Pacifica guitars are essentially Superstrats with bridge position humbuckers. They also have a slightly sharper silhouette than traditional guitars of this type. The main talking point about about the entry level Pacificas is the build quality. These guitars are solid and reliable, providing an excellent base from which to begin learning. The Humbucker-single coil pickup configuration gives the player a fantastic range of sonic options. The bolt on neck construction results in an instrument of strength and reliability. These guitars are extremely popular. They are suited not just to learners, but to anybody looking to get an instrument of value that impresses tonally and in feel. Pacifica fans can follow the range further up to more high end models. These feature interesting pickup and finish combinations.

Every guitarguitar UK store keeps stock of these enduringly popular instruments. They are a viable choice for all guitarists and we represent that in our stock levels. Browse our Yamaha Pacifica selection online or pop into any of our stores for a hands-on test drive in one of our soundproof booths.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Pacifica

The Yamaha Pacifica 112J has ceramic pickups rather than alnico V. This means the sound is a little less refined (which you may prefer, of course!) than the 112V. Also, the 112J has no coil tap control for thinning out the humbucker sound and it has a different pickguard. Apart from that, the guitars are very similar.
That particular model has a P90 pickup in the neck position. This is a single coil pickup but built around a larger magnet and with a longer distance for the inner copper coil to wind around. This means the tone is larger than a standard single coil sound.
The body of the Pacifica (and in fact most Pacifica models) is made from solid Alder.
The pickups in the Yamaha Pacifica 112V all use alnico 5 magnets, whether they are single coil or humbucking pickups. This helps impart a mature, vintage tone to the guitar, increasing its appeal.
A humbucker is a type of guitar pickup. It is made up of two 'coils', whereas a single coil pickup has, as the name suggests, only one coil. Humbuckers are twice as big as a result but the benefit is a large, full sound with a lot less background buzz and hum. Humbucking pickups are perfect for rock, heavy rock and other genres that require a thick, sustaining sound.