Yamaha APX600

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About Yamaha APX600

The Yamaha APX600 is an affordable but professional range of acoustic guitars. Originally released in 1987 to help electric guitarists on stage combat the common problems found with most other acoustic guitars when in a live environment. Today the APX is a now famous design for achieving exactly what it set out to do; to be plugged in and played with no problems, and no uncontrollable feedback. With it's now famous slim body design, the APX has continued to develop and improve over the years.

Featuring Yamaha's proprietary electronics which are featured on many of their best selling lines, when plugged in the APX still produces a resonant, and natural sound with great dynamic range. The APX600 also features a non-scalloped bracing design which allows for a responsive and dynamic tone, while still producing a larger than life sound out of the slim body. Yamaha APX600 guitars feature a built-in tuner and great sound quality which comes from the pickup, offering a perfect on stage tone.

This perennially popular model is available to try and buy from the acoustic department of every guitarguitar UK store. Alternatively, browse the entire Yamaha selection right here online and buy directly from our website. A selection of our Yamaha APX600 guitars come included with a guitar gig bag.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha APX600 Guitar?

  • Designed with a comfortable thin body and neck
  • Yamaha is renowned for their quality
  • Quality Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha APX600

Question: Is the Yamaha APX600 good for beginners?
The APX600 is a great guitar for beginners due to its affordability and comfortable feel.
Question: Is the Yamaha APX600 easy to play?
The APX600 is easy to play. It is designed to feel more like an electric guitar than an acoustic, with a slimmer body and neck, to make it both comfortable and easy to play.
Question: Where was the Yamaha APX600 made?
Yamaha APX guitars are made in Indonesia.
Question: What is an APX style guitar?
The Yamaha APX is designed to feel more familiar for electric guitar players and perform on stage with no feedback issues. A slim body acoustic design, with an electric style neck, gives the APX a comfortable feel, and combined with Yamaha's proprietary electronics it sounds great plugged in and encounters very little feedback.
Question: What is the scale length on a Yamaha APX600 guitar?
APX600s all have the same scale length of 634mm or 25 inches.