Yamaha CPX600

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About Yamaha CPX600

The Yamaha CPX600 is a big-bodied acoustic guitar that is ideal for live performance and home practice. The Yamaha APX600 is a modern classic but its small size and thin body isn’t for everyone; enter its big-boned counterpart, the CPX600!

The CPX600 is slightly smaller than a jumbo sized acoustic guitar but it is still a large body with Spruce top and Nato back and sides. This makes it ideal for strumming with a guitar pick. It is a lively guitar with a large bass response and bright, percussive attack. It also comes equipped with a pickup, meaning this guitar sounds amazing on stage and off.

At 25 inches, the scale length of the Yamaha CPX600 - i.e. the length of playable string - is slightly shorter than is common. This means there is less tension in the strings, making the CPX600 comfortable to play. It also has a narrow fingerboard, so chords are less of a stretch - perfect for beginners!

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha CPX600 Guitar?

  • Large body is ideal for strumming
  • Excellent electronics for live performances
  • Comfortable to play

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha CPX600

Question: What type of music is the Yamaha CPX600 good for?
The Yamaha CPX600 is a large-bodied guitar so is best suited to strumming with a pick. This makes it ideal for rock, pop and singer-songwriters. If you prefer fingerpicking, the Yamaha APX600, with its narrow body, might be better.
Question: Where is the Yamaha CPX600 made?
The Yamaha CPX600 is made in Indonesia.