Yamaha Arius YDP Series

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About Yamaha Arius YDP Series

The Yamaha Arius YDP Series is a fantastic range of digital pianos built to the same reliable and world renowned high quality Yamaha are known for. Thanks to the CFX Grand Concert Sample that is used within the Arius range these Yamaha Arius Pianos have a truly premium sound that is accurate and resonant giving you the best experience possible. Other features including the VRM Lite technology replicate the rich sympathetic resonance of a true acoustic to give you as close as possible to a real piano sound. If you're a beginner or an experienced player the Yamaha YDP is a great choice as it provides such high quality in a comfortably sized package. This digital piano is also great for schools and theatre groups in need of a premium feeling instrument.

Why Should I Choose Yamaha Arius YDP Series?

  • World renowned Yamaha quality
  • Superb tone and feel
  • A great choice for players of all levels

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Arius YDP Series

Question: Is Yamaha Arius a good piano?
Yes, the Yamaha Arius has some fantastic features and like all Yamaha pianos is built with a quality that keeps Yamaha as one of the top recommendations by players.
Question: What is the difference between Yamaha YDP and CLP?
Both are built to the same reliable, high quality, but with differences in software which impacts the tone and feel, it's up to you to decide which suits your needs more.
Question: What is Yamaha Arius YDP good for?
The Yamaha Arius YDP is good for newer players looking for a premium experience, or schools and theatre groups looking for a high quality system.
Question: Who plays a Yamaha Arius YDP digital piano?
Artists such as Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds, Arcade Fire, and more all make use of Yamaha products built to the same renowned quality as Yamaha Arius YDP Digital Pianos.