Yamaha NCX

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About Yamaha NCX

The Yamaha NCX Series is a great range of affordable electro-classical guitars from Yamaha. The NCX Series guitars were built with many of the traditional characteristics of classical guitars such as the fingerboard radius, neck shape, 12th Fret joint. However, with a few modern additions such as a cutaway body, and lower string height, the NCX series becomes a much more flexible and adaptable guitar built for a wider variety of playing styles and genres.

Why Should I Choose Yamaha NCX?

  • Affordable
  • High-Quality
  • Versatile
  • Good For A Number of Styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha NCX

Question: What is Yamaha NCX?
Yamaha NCX are a modern range of electro-classical guitars. The feature a lot of the traditional features of a Classical Guitar, but have a few modern elements such as a cutaway body and lower string height which make them more adaptable to other styles of playing.
Question: Is Yamaha NCX any good?
Yes. The Yamaha NCX Series are very good. Very affordable and great for a wide variety of styles, they will see your playing go far.
Question: Where are Yamaha NCX guitars made?
The large majority of Yamaha acoustics guitars are manufactured in Indonesia and China.