Suhr Classic T

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About Suhr Classic T

The Suhr Classic T is a custom made American electric guitar. Suhr are well known as a high quality custom builder. The Classic T is based on the quintessential bolt-on T-style single cut from the fifties. Suhr have taken this design and carefully updated elements of it for more modern playing styles.

Suhr Classic T guitars feature pickups specially designed and built by Suhr. They also sport technology which allows the player to enjoy a hum-free sound with no loss of tone and no battery requirement.

Other special features include stainless steel frets, incredible neck profiles and alnico V magnet pickups. The build quality is exceptional.

A selection of our Suhr Classic T guitars come included with a padded gig bag or solid guitar case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Classic T

Question: What type of wood do Suhr use for their Classic T bodies?
Suhr Classic T bodies are generally made from Swamp Ash.