Suhr Alt T Pro

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About Suhr Alt T Pro

The Suhr Alt T Pro is based on the 'thinline' T-style guitar design. It is semi-hollow and features a single f-hole on the guitar's top.

The Suhr Alt T Pro blends vintage 70s style characteristics with more contemporary features. This results in a guitar with a classic aesthetic and sound but a modern performance. This is in line with John Suhr's ethos of improving on popular heritage designs and making them suitable for today's musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Alt T Pro

Question: What type of wood is used for the Suhr Alt T Pro's body?
Swamp Ash is normally used to make the bodies for Suhr Alt T Pro guitars.
Question: What type of pickups are used in the Suhr Alt T Pro?
Almost without exception, Suhr Alt T Pro guitars have Suhr's own Thornbucker pickups.
Question: Suhr Alt T Pro guitars often have Stainless Steel frets. What is the benefit of Stainless Steel frets?
The main benefit of Stainless Steel frets is strength. Stainless steel will almost never wear out, certainly in terms of guitar frets. They will last for literally decades without getting worn, bashed or scuffed.