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About Roland Digital Pianos

Roland digital pianos are loved for their enhanced realism and beautiful design. They are based on their SuperNATURAL technology. This combines audio sampling and synthesis to create a virtual emulation of each instrument voice. While most digital pianos are purely sample-based, SuperNATURAL uses synthesis to recreate the subtle nuances that make an acoustic piano sound vibrant and alive.
Key subtleties like how all of the strings will gently vibrate when the damper pedal is pressed or how a string will briefly resonate when the damper mutes it, all add to the incredible realism. The synthesis is also used to complement the sound of the audio samples. Masking the crossover between the different audio clips as you work your way from soft to hard playing creates a lifelike tone that evolves rather than just increasing in volume.
The magic behind Roland digital pianos is when SuperNATURAL meets high-quality construction. The combination of authentic feeling keys and a high definition speaker system results in an immersive experience that feels organic rather than digital.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Digital Piano?

  • SuperNATURAL offers the most realistic virtual instrument sound
  • Natural feeling playing experience
  • Leading warranty periods

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Digital Pianos

Question: Where are Roland digital pianos made?
Depending on the series, Roland pianos are made in Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan.
Question: Which Roland digital piano is best for beginners?
The Roland RP102 is an excellent option for beginners. Not only does it look and feel like an upright piano, it is also compatible with the Piano Partner 2 app. This provides interactive features that help you develop as a player.
Question: What is the Roland digital Piano Designer?
Piano Designer is an iOS app that's compatible with many Roland pianos, including Bluetooth connectivity with the RP701, FP-30X. FP-90 and FP-60. Piano Designer allows you to edit key elements of SuperNATURAL voices. Depending on the preset it can include string resonance, hammer noise and cabinet resonance. It also allows you to fine-tune each note to your preference.