Roland Digital Pianos

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About Roland Digital Pianos

Roland pianos are highly regarded as some of the most advanced and realistic sounding digital pianos available. Pianos like the Roland FP-30, F-140 and RP102 feature stunningly realistic voices, enticing playability and staggering good looks. Roland home pianos all feature the award-winning SuperNATURAL system, which accurately captures the characteristics of acoustic pianos and other instruments by combining synthesis and sampling technology to recreate the intricate sound qualities of an acoustic instrument to give the player the most accurate response from the keys.

Packed with standard features like 88 fully weighted keys, triple pedal control (sustain, soft and sostenuto) and USB connectivity for controlling your favourite software, Roland pianos are suitable for playing all music and are often recommended by piano tutors for students to learn on. They are also used frequently by professional musicians the world over.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Digital Pianos

Question: Can home pianos be used in houses of worship?
They can. Each piano features sounds perfect for church use as well as either a built-in speaker system or the ability to be plugged into a PA system. This makes them ideal for use in houses of worship.
Question: Can home pianos be used on stage?
Absolutely. Although they can be less portable than stage pianos, home pianos are definitely suitable for stage use and have benefits on stage over an acoustic piano, for example not needing to use a microphone and never needing to be tuned.
Question: Do Roland pianos have plastic keys?
The keys on Roland pianos are ivory effect, made from a composite material that's much more enjoyable to play than glossy plastic keys.
Question: Do you need to tune a digital piano?
No, a digital piano will never go out of tune. This is actually physically impossible!
Question: How many keys do Roland Pianos have?
Roland Pianos all feature 88 full sized weighted keys.