Roland HP Series

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About Roland HP Series Digital Pianos

The Roland HP Series Digital Pianos are a range of stunning digital home pianos that provide all the features and conveniences of a digital piano, but with the timeless look and aesthetic of an acoustic piano. Using Roland's powerful SuperNATURAL sound engine, these Roland HP digital pianos provide an amazingly authentic sound, and an instantly immersive piano response and feel.

With the Roland HP Series, you can utilise the numerous helpful features that'll improve your performance, such as the Twin Piano feature that allows side-by-side practice, the 3 track recorder that allows you to playback your performances.

Why Should I Choose a Roland HP Series Digital Piano?

  • Timeless, Natural Look
  • Powerful Sound Engine
  • Immersive Sound
  • Elegant and Curvaceous cabinets

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland HP Series

Question: What is the Roland HP Series?
The Roland HP Series are top of the range home pianos that provide amazing digital piano sound with an acoustic piano aesthetic.
Question: Is the Roland HP Series any good?
Yes. The Roland HP Series are very good. The series uses cutting edge technology to provide a flawless piano sound and feel.
Question: Where are Roland HP digital pianos made?
Roland HP digital pianos are made in Roland's factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.