Roland DP Series

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About Roland DP Series

Roland DP digital pianos deliver an impressive playing experience with a small footprint. Roland DP Pianos utilise the Roland Supernatural sound engine where the onboard speaker system projects authentic piano and other acoustic sounds with incredible realism, delivering an enveloping sound with immaculate tone where each sound has its own character. Roland DP pianos are half damper capable keyboards and allow you to create stacked multi keyboard setups, take advantage of wireless speaker system and a standard pedal switch, delivering an incredible acoustic like tone that reacts just like an acoustic piano.

Roland DP Series pianos also feature Roland's custom Piano Editor which allows you to customise each sound down to a fine detail, not just decaying sound, but string resonance, hammer noise and off resonance, which result in minute tweaks that deliver a huge result in finding the tone you love. Every Roland piano is well built, so whether you're a beginner, professional, or an experienced player who's just looking to play your favourite songs, the Roland DP Series is perfect if you don't have the space for a larger upright style piano. Plus, Roland DP Series pianos also come with an impressive 10 Year Warranty, giving you great peace of mind over your investment.

Why Should I Choose a Roland DP Digital Piano?

  • Realistic playing experience
  • Great sound
  • Roland DP pianos include an impressive 10 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland DP Series

Question: What is Roland DP good for?
Roland DP excels at delivering a professional piano experience whilst saving on space.
Question: Who plays a Roland DP digital piano?
Beginners, trained pianists and piano tutors all play and love Roland DP pianos.