Roland Piano Stands

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About Roland Piano Stands

Roland piano stands are an easy way to give your Roland stage piano a home piano feel. Models like the FP-30 and FP-90 both have wooden stands made specifically for them to give a sleek and modern look. Pedalboards are also available to give your Roland piano an even more realistic feel with triple pedal functionality.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Piano Stand?

  • Purpose designed to fit your model of Roland piano
  • Most reliable stand solution for your piano at home or on stage
  • Available in a range of colour and styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Piano Stands

Question: Are Roland piano stands any good?
Roland piano stands are very good thanks to their reliability and modern appearance.
Question: Which Roland piano stand is best?
Roland piano stands are designed to fit specific Roland digital pianos so it is best to look for the one that matches the model you have.
Question: What is a Roland piano stand good for?
A Roland piano stand is good for giving your digital piano a trustworthy and purpose made solution for comfortable home playing and stage performance.