Roland Electronic Drum Kits

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About Roland Electronic Drum Kits

Roland electronic drum kits are at the forefront of digital drums technology. Kits such as the TD-17 and TD-50 boast ultra realistic drum sounds. They can also load and play samples. Their realistic playing response with stick bounce feels just like an acoustic kit!

Entry Level kits in the TD-1 range offer professional level features to beginners and casual players. Popular models include the compact TD-1K, the Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK, and the portable TD-1KPX2. Roland brings reliability and variety to every player.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Electronic Drum Kits

Question: Can I use a Roland electronic drum kit to control software?
Yes. Most good virtual drum software packages feature Roland drum specific settings for using your Roland kit with the software. The sounds are automatically mapped to your kit.
Question: Do I need to tune an electric drum kit?
No. While kits with mesh drum heads can be tuned to alter the feel and response of the drum, you will never need to tune the kit.
Question: Can I gig with an electric kit in place of an acoustic one?
While it will need to be amplified, there are some advantages of using an electric kit over an acoustic one. An electric kit will allow you to change sounds to suit each song. There will also be fewer microphones on stage, which will reduce the chances of feedback. Finally, will have greater control over the volume on stage, which will benefit the overall sound on stage.