Ampeg Bass Amps

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About Ampeg Bass Amps

Ampeg bass amps are one of the first choices for bassists needing classic tones. Best known for their large valve SVT heads and accompanying cabs, Ampeg actually make a wide range of bass amplifiers. This brand are as well known for their reliability as they are for their legendary sound.

Ampeg use both valve and solid state technology in their amp models in order to cater to most bassists.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ampeg Bass Amps

Question: Where are Ampeg from?
Ampeg are an American company who began making bass amps during the British Invasion years when volume and size were required beyond anything else. Their classic designs remain to this day.
Question: What is the most popular Ampeg bass amp?
Our most popular Ampeg head is the SVT-VR Vintage head. As for combos, the BA-112 V2 is extremely popular.
Question: What does 'SVT' stand for?
SVT stands for Super Vacuum Tube, a reference to the incredible power available from those amps.
Question: How many watts of power does the Ampeg BA-112 V2 Combo put out?
The Ampeg BA-112 V2 is rated at 75 watts of power.