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About Ampeg Bass Amps

Ampeg Bass Amps have a storied history as providers of incredible bass amplifiers. These American designed amps were designed with power in mind, and eventually they came up with the "Super Vacuum Tube", a 300 watt monster that outperformed the best at the time. Today, Ampeg bass amplifiers come in a variety of forms, from The Rocket Bass Series Combos to the Heritage Series stacks, Ampeg can offer great sound to any style of bass guitar player.

Why Should I Choose an Ampeg Bass Amp?

  • Varied selection
  • High quality
  • Great sound
  • Outstanding power

Frequently Asked Questions about Ampeg Bass Amps

Question: Where are Ampeg from?
Ampeg are an American company who began making bass amps during the British Invasion years when volume and size were required beyond anything else. Their classic designs remain to this day.
Question: What is the most popular Ampeg bass amp?
Our most popular Ampeg head is the SVT-VR Vintage head. As for combos, the BA-112 V2 is extremely popular.
Question: How many watts of power does the Ampeg BA-112 V2 Combo put out?
The Ampeg BA-112 V2 is rated at 75 watts of power.
Question: Are Ampeg bass amps any good?
Yes. Ampeg Bass Amps are very good. Ampeg bass amps come in a variety of options, from combo amps , to valve amp heads. Ampeg Bass Amps provide an excellent bass tone, and boast incredible power.
Question: Where are Ampeg bass amps made?
Ampeg Bass Amps are designed in the USA, and manufactured in China.
Question: What bass players use an Ampeg bass amp?
Bass players who have used Ampeg Bass Amps include Robert Trujillo, Roger Waters, Sean McNabb and many more.