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About Ampeg Bass Cabs

Ampeg Bass Cabs are a hugely popular choice amongst bassists. Since 1969 Ampeg have been providing musicians with a huge bass tone and their storied history goes to prove how influential they have been. The Ampeg bass cabinets continue this legacy, helping bassists from all genres of music achieve an incredible live sound that works equally well on record. From compact and portable 15" speaker cabinets to much larger 6x10" options, there are plenty of Ampeg bass cabs to choose from. Each one has its own set of benefits and can be paired with an appropriate amp head to achieve professional-grade bass tone. Whether you are looking for a huge sound to fill a venue or a tight controlled tone for studio recording, Ampeg Bass Cabs are here to meet your needs.

Why Should I Choose an Ampeg Bass Cab?

  • Designed to get the best sound possible out of your bass amp
  • Used by bassists from all styles of music
  • Options to suit a variety of performance situations

Frequently Asked Questions about Ampeg Bass Cabs | guitarguitar

Question: Are Ampeg bass cabs any good?
Yes, Ampeg bass cabs are extremely good! They produce a powerful yet well-balanced sound and come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of situations. This is why you'll often see them used live by bassists from all styles of music.