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About Blackstar Sonnet

Blackstar Sonnet Amps are built to faithfully reproduce the natural response of your acoustic instrument, making them the perfect acoustic amp for performers in any style, from delicate fingerpicking to aggressive, technical percussive style playing. The full frequency range of the amp is designed to capture the spectrum of sound your guitar can produce, including the ultra high frequency territory of many modern piezo circuits, while the balance controls, high pass filter and extended sub response allow you to fine tune the output sound just how you want.

Blackstar Sonnet acoustic amps also feature two independent channels with independent EQ, low and high boost, stunning studio quality reverbs and even mic inputs with phantom power to let you mix output of your whole own performance right in the amp. Pro output connections allow you to run your tone straight to the mixing desk via XLR or DAW via low-latency USB output making it the perfect one stop shop for recording and live performance. The built in tilt back stand also makes it perfect for on-stage monitoring.

In all, the Blackstar Sonnet is built to be the ideal one-stop solution for the modern acoustic guitarist.

Why Should I Choose Blackstar Sonnet?

  • Powerful, versatile acoustic amplification
  • Faithfully recreates the nuances of your acoustic tone
  • Available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different gigs
  • Built to stunning Blackstar quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar Sonnet

Question: What is the Blackstar Sonnet series?
The Blackstar Sonnet series is renowned amp manufacturer Blackstar's latest foray into the world of acoustic guitar amps. These amps faithfully recreate the natural response of your acoustic instrument, reproducing every nuance of your playing and tone no matter what style you play.
Question: Are Blackstar Sonnet amps any good?
Yes they are! Like all Blackstar amps, Blackstar Sonnet amps are built to a fantastic degree of performance, reliability and quality, and faithfully reproduce the natural response of your acoustic playing, whatever your style.