Truetone 1 Spot Combo

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Overall Rating 4.3 (14 reviews)

Ian R. - 4/9/2020


Alan T. - 23/3/2020

Is what it is, works great for what I need it for (MXR Carbon Copy and Ditto x2 at the moment)

Steve R. - 7/1/2020

Daniel . - 29/9/2019

Good length! Plenty of differ adapters for different types of pedal.

Robyn S. - 11/10/2018

Great however I think need to purchase another cable to connect my pedals to my amp, unless I?m just doing it wrong

Louie D. - 30/9/2018

tried and used the 1 spot on 5 gigs and works great.....

jack l. - 16/8/2018

Philip K. - 23/4/2018

Exactly what I needed to power my rig. Added bonus that it comes with a few rubber caps to put on the connectors that aren't being used, saving me time/money getting them or taping the connectors off to prevent short-circuiting.

Marcus L. - 6/3/2018

Andrew D. - 27/2/2018

good and still works today

Alex S. - 26/2/2018

Not brill too much interference had to buy something else from internet

Colin M. - 25/2/2018

dodgy connections, not impressed

Mark H. - 20/2/2018

Exactly what I was looking for, will power all my effects pedals.

danny s. - 15/2/2018

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