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About Strymon Power Supplies

Strymon Power Supplies are purpose designed by the wizards and engineers to power your pedals safely, reliably, and with the correct voltage and current draw to get the very most out of your effects.

Strymon pedals are known for their unbeatable quality and huge performance capability, so you don't want to risk compromising your pedals safety with unreliable, unfamiliar electrical grid outputs while on tour, and Strymon Power Supplies ensure this is the case. With their multi-output capability too, Strymon power supplies let you provide safe, reliable power to your whole pedalboard at once, no matter how complex your rig!

Why Should I Choose Strymon Power Supplies?

  • Stunningly high quality like all Strymon products
  • Ensures your pedal receives the correct power
  • Completely eliminates ground loop and AC line noise
  • Automatic international power compatibility built-in
  • Clean, worry-free pedal power on any nation's electrical system - perfect for world tours

Frequently Asked Questions about Strymon Power Supplies

Question: How do you power a Strymon pedal?
Strymon pedals all require a dedicated power supply, often a 9v centre-negative DC power supply but some units may vary. You should find your correct power supply packaged with your pedal, but check all relevant literature to make sure.
Question: How much power do Strymon pedals need?
Different Strymon pedals require different minimum or recommended power draws, often somewhere between 200 and 300mA. Strymon's own power supplies will perfectly power your pedals, and as always be sure to check all relevant literature to make sure.
Question: I'm looking for a power supply to feed 8 pedals including a 12v and an 18v pedal. Do Strymon offer anything for me?
Yes, your ideal choice is the Strymon Zuma. This can power 9 pedals with isolated outputs. Two of these are switchable between 9,12 and 18 volts, making this the perfect power supply for your pedal board.
Question: Does Strymon Zuma come with cables?
Yes. The Strymon Zuma comes with 9 pedal cables, while the smaller Zuma R300 comes with 5 cables.
Question: How many pedals can a Strymon Zuma power?
The Strymon Zuma can power up to 9 pedals at once, while the smaller Zuma R300 can power up to 5 at once.