Strymon Power Supplies

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About Strymon Power Supplies

Strymon power supplies are heavy duty solutions to powering your pedal board. These are designed by the same people who make the Strymon pedals.

Strymon power supplies are flexible units available in a range of different sizes. They use isolated outputs for stability. A combination of different voltages on certain models takes care of power hungry pedals and overdrives that require more voltage for headroom.

As a major authorised UK Strymon dealer, we have the best range of their products available, including their power supplies. Browse our site for the full range or visit your nearest guitarguitar store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strymon Power Supplies

Question: I'm looking for a power supply to feed 8 pedals including a 12v and an 18v pedal. Do Strymon offer anything for me?
Yes, your ideal choice is the Strymon Zuma. This can power 9 pedals with isolated outputs. Two of these are switchable between 9,12 and 18 volts, making this the perfect power supply for your pedal board.