Strymon Zuma

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Manufacturer's ID: ZUMA

What we say:

At A Glance:

The Strymon Zuma offers you the chance to power up to 9 FX pedals! Each output has 2 stages of isolation for silent operation and even the option to switch between 9v, 12v and 18v. The Zuma can handle up to an eye watering 500ma per output so it’s the perfect option for those dreaming of owning an entire Strymon pedal board!

Features We Love:

Double Isolated Power

With the Zuma’s unique dual isolation stages you can rest assured your guitar sound will be free from pesky grounding and hum issues that are common with a lesser power supply and let the world hear how your pedals are supposed to sound!

Huge 500ma draw

Having a huge 500 milliamp draw is essential for powering todays powerful digital pedals issue free and having the option on the powers supply eliminates the need for that annoying extra PSU when your cheap power supply can’t handle the juice!


As with all pedalboards, they all eventually bloom into a greater size! If you’ve become accustomed to the super clean hassle free vibe of the Zuma but have acquired more than 9 pedals, simply buy and attach a Strymon Ojai to the 24v connection for extra power!


  • Double isolation for super pristine noise free sound
  • Huge 500ma draw, time to get a Timeline AND a Big Sky!
  • Built like a tank and expandable if the day comes to go big!

What's Included:

  • Strymon Zuma


Zuma’s dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback, and advanced multistage filtering result in a power supply that allows your pedals to achieve their highest possible dynamic range.

Dual isolation.
Zuma’s all analog circuitry offers two stages of isolation, completely eliminating ground loop and AC line noise issues, allowing your pedals to sound like they were designed to sound.

World tour ready.
With automatic international power compatibility built-in, Zuma delivers an abundance of clean, rock-steady power to all your pedals, on any stage anywhere you play in the world.

Never run out of outputs.
Have a growing rig? Zuma is part of an expandable system. Add more outputs by connecting a Strymon Ojai (sold separately) with the 24V Out jack.

Main Features:

  • 9 high-current, fully isolated outputs
  • 9 outputs offer 9V DC option
  • 500mA per 9V DC output powers nearly any pedal
  • 2 selectable outputs offer 9V, 12V, or 18V DC options
    • 12V option provides 375mA, 18V provides 250mA
  • 9 pedal cables included (5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connectors, center negative, right angle to straight cables)
  • Detachable IEC power cable included
  • 24V OUT jack allows connection to additional outputs via Strymon Ojai (sold separately)

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5 (3 reviews)

A quality product, worth the money.

John W. - 4/2/2021

Bought this to replace a noisy power supply. All the reviews of the Strymon Zuma suggested this would be a good choice and i am happy to say that this is true.

Iain K. - 11/7/2020

GuitarGuitar in Birmingham handled my order of a custom shop Mayones. Unless I needs to order from a specific distributor I always go to GuitarGuitar as the customer service is top notch. I get good impartial advice and on the one occasion I needed to exchange something for a different item it was quick and painless and I ended up with the item I needed. For the Zuma itself I can only say that I?ve never had a power issue with my pedals, so it does exactly what I need it to.

John M. - 22/2/2018

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