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About Morley Wah Pedals

Morley are famous for their wah pedals. Morley wahs are distinctive looking with their wide base and large treadle. They are the choice of pro players with endorsees including Steve Vai and Mark Tremonti.

Morley are notable for their pioneering of the 'switchless' wah pedal. This technological advance allows players to engage the wah effect using mere foot pressure on the treadle. Morley wah pedals are available in both full size and mini versions. The wahs are available in a variety of designs for both guitar and bass. Many have custom graphics and special features. Some of the Morley Custom Shop wahs are are limited edition, with as little as 250 pieces available worldwide.

Although this brand are best known for Wah pedals, they also make volume pedals and other products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Morley Wah Pedals

Question: What is the most popular Morley Wah pedal?
Among guitarguitar customers, it is the Cliff Burton Tribute. The Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 comes in at second place!
Question: Which famous players use Morley Wah pedals?
The list of famous Morley wah users is long. Here is a small selection: Steve Vai, DJ Ashba, Mark Tremonti, George Lynch, Kiko Loureiro and Michael Amott. A few of these artists even have their own pedals named after them. The Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 and the Mark Tremonti wahs are popular examples.
Question: How does Morley's switchless technology work?
Morley are relatively tight-lipped on the subject but they have revealed that they use optical switching. This means that light is used (and a lack thereof) to determine the strength of signal and hence the sweep position and intensity of the wah. This uses no physical off/on type switching so it'll last indefinitely too. When you place your foot on that wah, the pedal actually depresses very slightly, telling the pedal to engage the effect. So, when you remove your foot, the 'link' in the chain is broken and the effect automatically disengages.