Guitar Toggle Switches / Washers

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About Guitar Toggle Switches / Washers

Guitar Toggle Switches and Washers are an often overlooked, but essential component of most electric guitars. Toggle switches, to put it simply, determine which of the pickups or combination of pickups on your guitar is currently in use. There are various different types of toggle switch, 3 way toggles, 5 way toggles and even mini toggle switches all with the goal of accessing different pickup combinations.

Here at guitarguitar we provide the necessary components to maintain or modify your toggle switches, we stock various toggle switches, steel washers, flat washers and many more.

Why Do I Need a Guitar Toggle Switch / Washer?

  • Essential component
  • Maximise your tonal potential
  • Range of components to upgrade or modify

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Toggle Switches / Washers

Question: What is the toggle switch on a guitar for?
The toggle switch allows you to switch between pickups on your electric guitar.
Question: How do you test a guitar toggle switch?
You can test a toggle switch by plugging your electric guitar into an amplifier, and playing at different toggle positions. If it's correctly installed you should hear very clear differences between each setting.
Question: Does guitar switch affect tone?
Yes. Utilising your guitar switch will greatly affect your tone. The switch determines which pickups are in use, and each pickup and their position on the guitar determines the tone of your guitar.
Question: Can a toggle switch go bad?
Yes. All electronics can deteriorate over time. Regular maintenance can help to stave off any potential issues.
Question: Are toggle switches essential?
Yes. For electric guitars with multiple pickup combinations, in order for you to maximise your tonal potential then you will need a toggle switch to switch between pickups.