Dunlop Guitar Slides

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About Dunlop Guitar Slides

Dunlop Guitar Slides are some of the best you can get. The offer a large selection which includes both glass and metal slides such as chrome and brass. Most guitarists tend to use their ring finger for slide playing so Dunlop slides come in a range of different ring sizes. Slide guitar is popular in country, blues, and bluegrass, but also in rock music with guitarists such as Derek Trucks.

Jim Dunlop is one of the top names for guitar accessories and their guitar slide range tends to be the first choice for guitarists beginning to play this style and with touring and recording professionals. Whether you choose a tempered glass slide for a warm and thick tone or a chrome slide for its bright sound character, you'll be in good hands with Dunlop.

Why Should I Choose a Dunlop Guitar Slide?

  • Glass, Chrome and Brass options
  • A large selection of sizes to choose from
  • Made to Dunlop's usual high standards

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Guitar Slides

Question: Are Dunlop guitar slides any good?
Yes! Dunlop are one of the top brands for guitar accessories and their slides are made to the same high standard as their other products.
Question: Which Dunlop guitar slide is best?
This depends on what you need but the 210 Medium Glass Slide and 220 Slide are two of the most popular slides they make and work well for a variety of styles.
Question: What is the difference between Dunlop guitar slides?
Dunlop guitar slides come in different sizes and are made from different materials. This allows players to choose the one best suited to their style of playing and that gives the greatest comfort.