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About Korg Sound Modules

Korg sound modules feature great sounds and amazing playing dynamics. The Kaoss pad series of synthesizers breach new sonic possibilities thanks to the unique X/Y touchpad, while Korg's reinterpretation of the iconic Arp Odyssey provides massive analog synthesis possibilities with the MIDI and USB versatility of a modern synth.

Korg synthesizers are world renowned for their sound quality and ease of use. Please browse our entire collection online or contact your local guitarguitar store to see which models are available for demo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg Sound Modules

Question: Are Korg modules Eurorack compatible?
While the Arp Oddysey modules do feature Eurorack compatible CV/Gate connections, they are not directly compatible with your Eurorack setup.
Question: Is Arp a different company from Korg?
ARP Instruments, Inc. was a company founded in 1969. They produced some iconic synthesizers which were popular with some legendary keyboard players including Elton John, Herbie Hancock, Jon Lord, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. ARP eventually went on to surpass Moog as the world's leading electronic musical instrument manufacturer until they tragically closed their doors in 1981 due to financial difficulties. Over 30 years later, Korg worked closely with ARP Instruments co-founder David Friend to develop their reinterpretation of the original Odyssey, a project which has been extremely well received.
Question: Are Korg modules fully analog?
The Arp Odyssey modules features a fully analog signal path, while the Kaoss Pad range are purely digital.