Electric Drum Kits

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About Electric Drum Kits

Electric Drum Kits offer the sounds and playability of an acoustic kit, but with the convenience of being more compact. Perhaps more importantly, they play at a fraction of the volume, making them perfect for practice at home. Electric drum kits also feature a versatile range of drum sounds, both electronic and acoustic, and even host ethnic percussion sounds or sound effects. As a result of these features, we have seen many professional drummers switch over to electric drums for live gigs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Drum Kits

Yes, virtually all electric kits which require a hardware drum pedal are compatible with double kicks.
Without a doubt, the Roland TD-1KPX2 is the best option for those in need of portable electric drums. This is a high quality mesh kit that is foldable. There is a bag available for the TD-1KPX2 and the whole kit is light enough to comfortably carry.
The Roland TD-50 drum kits have the most features to offer for a electric drum kit. It's a professional level drum kit, built with the stage in mind. For those not looking for a flagship model, the Roland TD-17 range offer similar features to the TD-50 on a much smaller home scale, and are still suitable for use on stage as well as at home and in the rehearsal room.