MXR Switch Pedals

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About MXR Switch Pedals

MXR Switch Pedals can be an essential part of your pedalboard. A simple A/B splitter can be used for directing your guitar to different paths, for example, an amp for your clean tone and another for your overdriven tone. Where the use of many pedals can drop your signal below the optimum level, an MXR buffer can raise your signal back up to get the best out of your amp. Other MXR switch pedals include the M199 Tap Tempo, an MXR tap tempo switch can let you match the rate of delay pedal types to the tempo of the song you're playing by connecting to the delay pedal's external switch jack.

MXR ABY & switcher pedals are great accessories for a player looking to expand their rig. An ABY box allows you to split your signal in 2 and send those signals to 2 different sources simultaneously, like amplifiers. Included in their ABY & Switcher pedals are MXR Tap Tempo Switch, smart gate foot gontro, the CAE Buffer, and more. These pedals all add extra functionality to your rig and help keep your signal strong and clear and are all built to road a high standard, with road ready construction, and come with great features such as the tap tempo, this pint sized footswitch features adjustable tip/ring configuration. These pedals can be used with a normal instrument cable, keeping your rig simple and easy to use.

Why Should I Choose an MXR Switch Pedal?

  • Route your guitar to more than one amplifier
  • Rugged design
  • Boost the signal of your pedalboard
  • Access additional controls on a compatible pedal
  • Made in USA
  • Road ready construction

Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Switch Pedals

Question: Are MXR switch pedals any good?
Yes, like all MXR pedals they are made to a high standard making them rugged and tour-ready.
Question: Where are MXR switch pedals made?
MXR ABY & Switcher Pedals are made in Beicia, California, USA.
Question: What do MXR switch pedals do?
MXR switch pedals allow you to add extra functionality to your rig with the ability to split your signal, switch its signal path, and more.